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Video games have been continuously entertaining us from the past 30 years and have now become an integral part of our entertainment world. It is a truth that today, with the development in technologies and advancement in devices, the video gaming industry has become a multibillion behemoth. Video games had their commercial birth in the year 1950’s after which they have turned into one of the most profitable entertainment industry in the world. However, the video games that we see today are completely different from what they were in the initial years. The ride of video games from that century to this has been a roller coaster but it has made the best of it each time. Though all of us enjoy video games today but only a few of them are aware of its journey.

The early years

The very first gaming machine is said to be unveiled by Dr.Edward Uhler Condon at New York fair in the year 1940. This game was based on the ancient mathematical gaming of the Nim which was played by around 50,000 people during the duration of six months by the time it was displayed. It was reported that the computer won 90 percent of this game. However the game designed for home use was not developed three decades later when Ralph bear and team released the prototype the brown box in the year 1967. In this decade, the birth of digital gaming had already taken birth.

The roots of Multiplayer games

During the late 70’s various chain restaurants started installing video games to capitalize on hot new craze. The nature of these games sparked competitions between the players. PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operation) was one of the very first generalized computer based training systems. It represented one of the very first steps on technological road to internet. It was the start of online multiplayer gaming that we all know today.

Home gaming becomes reality

After the popularity of gaming centers and chain restaurants, there was an advent of the home gaming systems. This was the time when the mass produced gaming consoles and personal computers became a reality. Technological advancements gave the world the very first microprocessor and after which, the world of gaming took all new hike. With the development of personal or home gaming, it became all the more popular in the whole world and therefore began to take newer forms.

The online gaming consoles today

Online gaming consoles were developed during the period of 1980’s. The new device and the CVDC game lines enables the users to download the games and software with the help of fixed telephonic connection as well as a cartridge that can be plugged to their Atari console. This allowed the users to download multiple games from all round the world. Real advances in the online gaming system took place in the fourth generation during the 1990’s. In the 2001, release if runescape was proven to be a game changer where millions of players were allowed to play the games worldwide. After that the gaming industry never looked back with the explosion of internet technologies. The user interface, processing, speed has become way better than what it was earlier.